Then and Now:
Chinese Contemporary Arts Joint Exhibition

Nov. 7 - Nov 15, 2015

For the five Chinese artists whose works are being shown at Hwang Gallery's "Then and Now: Chinese Contemporary Arts Joint Exhibition," their places in history are forever inscribed by a sense of transition. All of them were born in the 1960s, and they have seen the end of different eras and the advent of new pages in Chinese history. The memories of the Cultural Revolution more or less left an indelible mark on their personal histories. And in their youth, they experienced the opening-up of China's economic policies and the 85' New Wave, both of which ushered in Western ideas that stimulated the artists intellectually and artistically.

Despite the fact that they too, like the 1950s generation before them, have experienced the turbulent and often grim events in recent Chinese history, they seem to possess the ability to create artworks that are acutely aware of social reality, yet which refrain from being too weighed down by the effects of historical trauma. Compared to their predecessors, they are blessed with more opportunities and room for artistic creation.

And while these 60s artists have embraced the cultures of the Internet and new media like the 70s generation artists after them, they surpass the latter generation in terms of intellectual alacrity and artistic outlook. They are, as a whole, a community of transition that bridges the two eras they have taken part of and observed.

“Then and Now: Chinese Contemporary Arts Joint Exhibition” is pleased to have invited these five Chinese artists to use their different personal narratives, preferred media, and signature styles to examine the connections between art and history. The vantage point of the present has allowed them new perspectives to reinterpret the presents and pasts of Chinese contemporary art. The act of looking back, the re-evaluation of “then” from the viewpoint of “now,” is what our exhibition intends to focus upon, along with a deeper understanding and examination of matters of time, history, and the individual and the society. New visual experiences and artistic values are what we hope to uncover through our artists’ observations of Chinese cultural and art history. 





此次於<黃氏藝廊>聯展這幾位60年代出生的藝術家出身學院,在各自不同的經歷中,跳脫傳統框架,藉由不同創作媒介和創作類型,探討藝術與社會現實的關聯性,他們站在「此刻」,以當代藝術的視角,重新詮釋「彼時」,呈現了他們對藝術史的認識, 對時間的理解,以及對人和社會的反思,也為中國文化藝術觀,提供了獨特的視覺經驗和藝術價值。