Jane Liu 劉涓


華裔旅美當代抽象藝術家 Contemporary Artist、藝術作家、畫廊總監和國 際策展⼈,致⼒於東⻄⽅藝術交流。擁有美國克萊蒙⼤學研究所(Claremont Graduate University) 藝術創作最⾼學位 (Master of Fine Art degree ) 、美國加州州⽴⼤學洛杉磯分校CSU Los Angeles/藝術學⼠ (BA degree)、國⽴台灣藝術⼤學(National Taiwan University of Arts) 主修應⽤美術。她是台灣藝術⼤學南加州校友會會⾧2016⾄2018年。

她是⼀位創作型的藝術家,以美國當代「抽象表現主義」Abstract Expressionism 為繪畫創作⽅式。目的是為營造與觀賞者共有的互動體驗, 啟發觀賞者⾃我思考的模式。作品中,展現視覺以外的思考空間。觀賞者對她作品不同的闡述和理解,豐富了作品原始內容的同時,也增加了作品的親和⼒。

她創作的靈感泉源,出⾃於與⽣活息息相關的⽇常⽣活經驗。例如: 旅⾏者的記事、喜怒哀樂的情感表達、發現「新⼤陸」的驚喜、等等。 她定期為三家不同雜誌,撰寫歐美藝術分享⽂章、⻄⽅當代藝術家介紹、和其他與藝術有關的報導。三家雜誌分別為: 「畫廊雜誌 Gallery magazine」(中國發⾏)、「藝術鑒賞 Art Appreciation magazine」(台灣 發⾏)、「⽂苑雜誌 Field」(美國發⾏)。她的藝術報導、及圖⽚分享,經常 被⼤學教授當作課堂上的教學教材來使⽤。同時,她在美國洛杉磯、紐約、 和台灣多次被請為演講講員。美國 HTTV 31.2「漢天衛視」電視節目「美麗 ⼈⽣」,邀請她為藝術專題採訪嘉賓、和藝術顧問。

劉涓是「美國東⻄⽅藝術協會 EWAA」和「美國經典藝術中⼼ EWP Gallery」藝術總監。 劉涓來⾃台灣,於1986年1⽉移居美國,目前居住在加州洛杉磯。

Jane is a Chinese American Contemporary artist, art writer, art director and international curator. She has earned her Master of Fine art degree from Claremont Graduate University, Bachelor of Art degree from California State University, Los Angeles, and National Taiwan University of Arts.

Her creative artwork style tends to be Abstract Expressionism . Though the emotions expressed may be difficult to put into words, we can see how Jane Liu carefully constructs her images. Washes of paint typically form the background, upon which she imposes energetic gestural constructs. If they remind you of Chinese calligraphy, recognize that this is an ingrained part of her cultural heritage. On that foundation, Jane builds up a palpable world of objects and atmosphere. She is coy about revealing techniques, but it is apparent that they are her own invention, and that she rarely uses brushes. 

Jane also is correspondent for“Gallery Magazine”published in China, “Art Appreciation Magazine”published in Taiwan, and a member of Northern American Chinese Writers Association of Southern California. She has several solo and group exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, San Jose, Arizona, Beijing, and Taipei R.O.C.

In recent years, she has given talks in several universities, art, math, medical departments and libraries in the USA and Taipei, and China. She was also invited into a TV Talk Show on US HTTV 31.2, which could be watching on YouTube.

Jane Liu is from Taiwan and has moved to California since 1986, and currently live in Los Angeles.