Jung-Te Hwang Photography Solo Exhibition

August 11th - September 30th, 2015

Jung-Te Hwang was born in Taiwan in 1936 and has resided in New York for the past 30 years. Currently an amateur photographer, he previously worked in the business of real estate development and construction management. The founder of Hwang Gallery, Hwang was the honorary president of the Taiwan Photography Association in Greater New York and has dabbled in photography
for over 50 years. His distinctive point-of-view in photography allows viewers to truly immerse themselves in the pictures and fully experience the sheer magnitude and magnificence of the image. It is due to this appreciation of how utterly original his pieces are that people are instinctively drawn towards his photography.

His current exhibition, “From Mountains to Monuments: The Hidden Corners of China,” showcases the pictures he has taken at some of the most remote regions of China, including Daocheng Yading, known as Shangri-la on the Tibetan Plateau (which possesses an average altitude of 4,000 to 5,000 meters); the towering mountains in northern Xinjiang; the rice terrace fields of
Yuanyang; fishermen fishing on Nanxi River, one of the most scenic rivers in China; the serene canal towns of southern, and the expansive kelp cultivation areas on the shoals of Xiapu, etc.

In addition to photographing natural landscapes, Hwang has also devoted
himself to taking pictures of and studying cultural landscapes. His photographs
shed light on rare cultural phenomena and social rituals, such as the sight of old women with bound feet at Tuzhangfang and the fire festivals of the Yi ethnic group in Yunnan. Through his pictures, the observer can become more acquainted with the natural and cultural landscape of China, and his incredible eye for aesthetics adds a certain aura to the bucolic sights of China.

紐約<黃氏藝廊>創辦人黃榮德 (Jung-Te Hwang) 先生 1936年出生於台灣,旅居紐約30年,從事地產開發及營建管理的工作,是一位業餘攝影愛好者。曾擔任紐約地區台灣攝影學會會長,涉獵攝影50餘年,他經常旅遊世界各地並深入偏僻尚待開發的地方,拍攝當地的人文風俗習慣、古蹟及幽美風光,在其豐富的人生歲月中,記錄了無數的事蹟及見證。


黃榮德先生這一次的「青山綠水 人間古厝」個展所展覽的是他至中國內陸偏遠地區所拍攝的作品,例如: 素有“香格里拉”美譽的青康藏高原稻城亞丁景區 (平均海拔在四千到五千多公尺)、北疆江布拉克山壯闊的山色、如史詩般宏偉的元陽梯田、有“天下第一水”之稱的楠溪江晨曦捕魚悠景和 雲霧之鄉茗嶴山多變的面貌、福建霞浦淺灘廣闊的海帶養殖、以及江南水鄉古色古香如畫的風情等等。