Myanmar Impression - Photography Group Show

June 29th - July 12th, 2019

Myanmar is an ancient Buddhist country in Southeast Asia. It has beautiful scenery, friendly people, thousands of unique temples and pagodas, and rich culture, making Myanmar one of the favorite destinations for travel photographers.

Bagan, a small town in central Myanmar, is famous for its vast collection of Buddhist architecture and rich Buddhist culture. In the heyday of history, there were more than 10,000 large and small temples and pagodas. There are still more than 2,000 temples exist nowadays, it is the most densely populated city in the world. Burmese pagoda is mainly made of bricks and has a bell-shaped structure. Because of the gold mines and gems produced in Myanmar, believers are offering gold foil and gems to decorate the Buddha statues and temples. When the sun rises, the red sun shines on the golden temples and pagodas. The earth is covered with yellow and golden color, together with the hot air balloon flying slowly above the pagoda, forming a bright and fantastic landscape in Bagan.

Mandalay is the second largest city in Myanmar, meaning “the city of treasures”. It is the capital of Myanmar's last dynasty and is listed as a UN World Heritage Site. Over the past 20 years, with the influx of Chinese immigrants, Mandalay’s economic structure has been reshaped. The little monks on the streets, the flower-vendor girls who wear the tanaka powder, and the lively market show the prosperity of this new and old city.

Inle Lake is a 875-meter-high tranquil lake and surrounded by mountains. A row of houses, temples and markets on the banks of the lake were built. The one-footed boat-rolling and the special fishing method are unique views of Inle Lake.

【Myanmar Impression】 The joint exhibition is a mark on this rising ancient country by four photographers-- Jung-Te Hwang,  Amy Chiu, Yeh Wuu Chang, Mu Lung Lee.

The photographers visited Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake, Yangon and other Myanmar's most representative ancient cities and natural landscapes, and recorded the local culture with their cameras. Through the photographer's lens, it not only leads the viewer to the ancient mysterious side of Myanmar, but also has a closer understanding of the life of the Burmese people.

緬甸,是位於東南亞的佛教古國,民風純樸,風景優美,成千上萬座極具特色的寺廟佛塔,和豐富的 人文風情,讓緬甸成為旅行攝影者趨之若鶩的國家。



茵萊湖是一個海拔875公尺的湖泊,群山環繞, 清幽靜謐。湖畔建立了一排排水上房屋、寺廟和市集。以單腳划行的小舟,和特殊的捕魚方式,是茵萊湖獨特的景致。



Photo by Jung-Te Hwang

Photo by Jung-Te Hwang

Photo by Amy Wha Guin Chiu

Photo by Amy Wha Guin Chiu

Photo by Yeh Wuu Chang

Photo by Yeh Wuu Chang

Photo by Mu lung Lee

Photo by Mu lung Lee

Kelly Fischer Solo Exhibition

May 10 - 20, 2018

“Kelly Fischer is a Swiss / American artist originally from Memphis, Tennessee. Her body of work developed and evolved over time and much of the outcome was not intentional. She pursues shapes and colors that begin with the under painting. The paintings emerge as color and texture is added layer upon layer. Her semi-abstract, expressionistic portraits tell a story of whimsical spontaneity. Whereas, her landscapes pull the viewer into a world of colr, light and emotion.”

Representing a select roster of international artists for whom HG Contemporary Art Center provides curatorial services and vital connections to share their work with a global art market eager to embrace art that stands apart from thousands of others that constantly flood and over-saturate it.

Extending its services to the consumer, HG Contemporary Art Center offers curatorial services to museums; as well as corporate art consultations to business seeking to enhance their environments through artistic expression.

Opening Reception:

Thursday, May 10th, 2018
6:00pm – 9:00pm

Artist Talk:

Saturday, May 12th, 2018
2:00pm – 4:00pm


Opening Reception & Artist Talk

Jung-Te Hwang Photography Solo Exhibition

May 24th - June 9th, 2018

Mr. Jung-Te Hwang's latest exhibition, Serene Dreamscapes, features Caddo Lake and Long Pond from the years 2011 and 2016 in their autumnal glory. 

Like an artist's essential paints and brushes, Mr. Hwang's expertise with his camera captures the rich essence and beauty of nature during the autumn season. Showcasing Mother Nature's brilliance by displaying her dazzling colors and lights, he brings the earth's fall atmosphere of quiet tranquility to viewers, inviting them to embark upon a mystical journey.

Caddo Lake is a 25,400 acre lake and bayou located along the border between Texas and Louisiana. An internationally protected wetland under the Ramsar Convention, it includes one of the largest flooded cypress forests in the United States. Approximately 10 days before Thanksgiving is when Caddo Lake's beauty is at its peak. At that time, most of the colorful leaves are carpeting the ground, leaving only a stubborn third remaining to decorate the tree trunks and branches. Bright gold and flaming red intertwine while interspersed among the towering trees. As dawn breaks, the forest is a peaceful, tranquil fairyland blanketed in misty fog.

Long Pond Ironworks State Park is a national historic site which sits next to the swiftly flowing Wanaque River. The glimmering lakes and regal mountains are especially reticent during the autumn months. The surface of the lakes are stationary and smooth like a polished mirror rimmed by trees - stark in their nakedness - and their vivid reflections. As the sun peeks over the horizon, the mountains and trees loom silently in the mist - the overall effect evokes the appearances of a Chinese calligraphy painting. Visitors at Long Pond break the water's stillness with ripples as they paddle across the surface in long kayaks. Shuttling across the watery forest, the gentle atmosphere of the earth seems to cleanse each individual of their worries, easing their minds so they may fully experience and enjoy the muted beauty surrounding them.

Mr. Hwang hopes that he may lead viewers into a poetic, dreamlike world full of imagination through his works so that everyone may appreciate the simple purity of nature.

Opening Reception

Saturday, May 26th, 2018
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Hwang Gallery
39-10 Main Street, #303, Flushing, NY 11354


黃氏藝廊這次展出的作品,是攝影家黃榮德在2011年到2016年間,取景於Caddo Lake與Long Pond的作品,以鏡頭為畫筆,描繪兩地的秋季之美。作品呈現了大自然季節轉換時的豐富色彩,繽紛絢麗,令人驚嘆;同時也捕捉了大地之氣與光影之美,幽靜淡雅,令人神往。

Caddo Lake 是一處佔地25400英畝的湖泊和沼澤,位於德州與路易斯安那州的交界,是受到國際拉姆薩爾公約保護的自然沼澤,並且是美國最大的沼澤柏樹森林之一。每到秋季,約在感恩節前十天左右,是這裡最美的時節。大部份的樹葉已落,只剩下約三成的秋葉殘留在樹幹上,金黃、火紅錯落地交織著,點綴在林立參天的雄偉樹幹與銀白龍鬚之間。晨曦時森林中的霧氣渺茫,彷若人間仙境般,更顯幽靜夢幻之美。

Long Pond Ironworks State Park是位於紐澤西州的國家歷史古蹟,依傍在湍急的瓦納克河旁。秋天時此處的湖光山色清幽靜謐,葉子落盡的枯樹林立水中,在如鏡的水面形成美麗的倒影,似幻似真。清晨時湖上蒸騰的霧氣,山與樹若隱若現,景色有如一幅寫意的水墨畫。遊人划著長舟穿梭在水林之中,欣賞清幽中帶著神祕的景致,讓大地之氣洗滌塵世的煩擾。



2018年5月26日星期六 2-4 p.m.

39-10 Main Street, #303, Flushing, NY 11354



Jung-Te Hwang Photography Solo Exhibition

May 17 - June 30, 2017

Jung-Te Hwang’s latest exhibition, “Kenya’s Awe-Inspiring Safari Migration”, portrays the journey of wildlife traversing the unforgiving African wilderness as they struggle to survive under the harsh regime of the rules of natural selection. Through Mr. Hwang’s lens, we are treated to a visual feast portraying moments both perilous and touching ­– each more breathtaking than the last – while evoking feelings ranging from astonishing surprise to deep affection.

The exhibit features one of the greatest natural spectacles in the world – Kenya’s annual wildlife migration season. Vast plains grassland spans the horizon, serving as the habitat for various animal species. Located at the equator, Kenya’s tropical savanna climate undergoes distinct wet and dry seasons. In order to survive through the dry season, a large-scale migration occurs as the local wildlife forages in search of sufficient food and water.

Host to this sensational natural phenomenon, the Serengeti National Park and the adjacent Maasai Mara National Preserve attract over a million wildebeests and tens of thousands of zebras and gazelles during the migration period. From July to September, tourists flock to the area in hopes of catching an exciting glimpse of nature taking its course - a chance ti witness animals battling for mating rights and territory, or to experience the thrill of adrenaline as the animals fearlessly cross crocodile infested waters. through the various trails and tribulations during this ling life or death journey, we are able to fully appreciate the bravery and intelligence of the safari's wildlife.






Jung-Te Hwang Photography Solo Exhibition

February 18 - March 31, 2016


Jung-Te Hwang Photography Solo Exhibition- Surfing

Jan 19 - Feb. 5, 2016





Jung-Te Hwang Photography Solo Exhibition

August 11th - September 30th, 2015

Jung-Te Hwang was born in Taiwan in 1936 and has resided in New York for the past 30 years. Currently an amateur photographer, he previously worked in the business of real estate development and construction management. The founder of Hwang Gallery, Hwang was the honorary president of the Taiwan Photography Association in Greater New York and has dabbled in photography
for over 50 years. His distinctive point-of-view in photography allows viewers to truly immerse themselves in the pictures and fully experience the sheer magnitude and magnificence of the image. It is due to this appreciation of how utterly original his pieces are that people are instinctively drawn towards his photography.

His current exhibition, “From Mountains to Monuments: The Hidden Corners of China,” showcases the pictures he has taken at some of the most remote regions of China, including Daocheng Yading, known as Shangri-la on the Tibetan Plateau (which possesses an average altitude of 4,000 to 5,000 meters); the towering mountains in northern Xinjiang; the rice terrace fields of
Yuanyang; fishermen fishing on Nanxi River, one of the most scenic rivers in China; the serene canal towns of southern, and the expansive kelp cultivation areas on the shoals of Xiapu, etc.

In addition to photographing natural landscapes, Hwang has also devoted
himself to taking pictures of and studying cultural landscapes. His photographs
shed light on rare cultural phenomena and social rituals, such as the sight of old women with bound feet at Tuzhangfang and the fire festivals of the Yi ethnic group in Yunnan. Through his pictures, the observer can become more acquainted with the natural and cultural landscape of China, and his incredible eye for aesthetics adds a certain aura to the bucolic sights of China.

紐約<黃氏藝廊>創辦人黃榮德 (Jung-Te Hwang) 先生 1936年出生於台灣,旅居紐約30年,從事地產開發及營建管理的工作,是一位業餘攝影愛好者。曾擔任紐約地區台灣攝影學會會長,涉獵攝影50餘年,他經常旅遊世界各地並深入偏僻尚待開發的地方,拍攝當地的人文風俗習慣、古蹟及幽美風光,在其豐富的人生歲月中,記錄了無數的事蹟及見證。


黃榮德先生這一次的「青山綠水 人間古厝」個展所展覽的是他至中國內陸偏遠地區所拍攝的作品,例如: 素有“香格里拉”美譽的青康藏高原稻城亞丁景區 (平均海拔在四千到五千多公尺)、北疆江布拉克山壯闊的山色、如史詩般宏偉的元陽梯田、有“天下第一水”之稱的楠溪江晨曦捕魚悠景和 雲霧之鄉茗嶴山多變的面貌、福建霞浦淺灘廣闊的海帶養殖、以及江南水鄉古色古香如畫的風情等等。



Zane Kuo Photography Solo Exhibition

June 7 - June 25, 2016

Then and Now:
Chinese Contemporary Arts Joint Exhibition

Nov. 7 - Nov 15, 2015

For the five Chinese artists whose works are being shown at Hwang Gallery's "Then and Now: Chinese Contemporary Arts Joint Exhibition," their places in history are forever inscribed by a sense of transition. All of them were born in the 1960s, and they have seen the end of different eras and the advent of new pages in Chinese history. The memories of the Cultural Revolution more or less left an indelible mark on their personal histories. And in their youth, they experienced the opening-up of China's economic policies and the 85' New Wave, both of which ushered in Western ideas that stimulated the artists intellectually and artistically.

Despite the fact that they too, like the 1950s generation before them, have experienced the turbulent and often grim events in recent Chinese history, they seem to possess the ability to create artworks that are acutely aware of social reality, yet which refrain from being too weighed down by the effects of historical trauma. Compared to their predecessors, they are blessed with more opportunities and room for artistic creation.

And while these 60s artists have embraced the cultures of the Internet and new media like the 70s generation artists after them, they surpass the latter generation in terms of intellectual alacrity and artistic outlook. They are, as a whole, a community of transition that bridges the two eras they have taken part of and observed.

“Then and Now: Chinese Contemporary Arts Joint Exhibition” is pleased to have invited these five Chinese artists to use their different personal narratives, preferred media, and signature styles to examine the connections between art and history. The vantage point of the present has allowed them new perspectives to reinterpret the presents and pasts of Chinese contemporary art. The act of looking back, the re-evaluation of “then” from the viewpoint of “now,” is what our exhibition intends to focus upon, along with a deeper understanding and examination of matters of time, history, and the individual and the society. New visual experiences and artistic values are what we hope to uncover through our artists’ observations of Chinese cultural and art history. 





此次於<黃氏藝廊>聯展這幾位60年代出生的藝術家出身學院,在各自不同的經歷中,跳脫傳統框架,藉由不同創作媒介和創作類型,探討藝術與社會現實的關聯性,他們站在「此刻」,以當代藝術的視角,重新詮釋「彼時」,呈現了他們對藝術史的認識, 對時間的理解,以及對人和社會的反思,也為中國文化藝術觀,提供了獨特的視覺經驗和藝術價值。